travelerWelcome friend, I am Trent;  the author of Enlightened Eating, a book on how to heal yourself with food, as well as a presenter of seminars on natural health.

If you’ve ever realized that there’s something more to life and that there is so much “they” aren’t telling you…then you will love this site.

My mission is to provide tools to help you awaken, be inspired, to heal yourself, and to become more empowered.

The ‘system’ isn’t designed to help you.  It’s designed so that you are a consumer, just smart enough to do your job,  and making just enough money so as not to revolt.

If you follow the crowd with food and healthcare,  you are bound to be overweight from highly processed and toxic foods, and are hooked on pills to dull the pain while never actually solving the problem.

I’m not suggesting you be a fanatic or extremist…far from it.  I believe there exists a ‘golden mean’ for most issues that is in the highest good of the people.  It is up to folks like us to seek wisdom from all corners of the world, as well as within, so that we can see things as they truly are, without being influenced by others’ agenda and propaganda.

I’ve experienced this first hand.  I’ve had my own journey tobefore and aftercropped health, going from being on as many as 8 medications for chronic bronchitis, asthma, anxiety/depression, and general malaise…to healing naturally, and continuing to live pill-free.  I also lost roughly 25 lbs in the process, and now I’m even free of chronic allergies and acne.


For the longest time, spirituality was a source of constant anxiety and confusion.  For the last 20 or so years, I’ve been reading, studying, and experiencing the mystical side of life to gain understanding.  This culminated in my own spirit quest of sorts In 2011, when I sold all my possessions to live in China for 18 months so I could take my study to the next level.  It has since resulted in deeper and lasting inner peace, presence, and knowledge.

The bottom line is the best of the best life practices and information aren’t necessarily the ‘mainstream’ way.  The Truth is everywhere, but you must learn to think for yourself and find the answers within.  I’m here to help you help yourself. Welcome, friend!