Feeling is the Secret

I’m a big fan of Neville Goddard.

His books, speeches, and his interpretation of the Bible have been highly influential on my spiritual journey.

One of Neville’s famous catchphrases is ‘Feeling is the Secret’…and I think there is so much wisdom in this statement.

Typically, Neville talks about ‘Feeling is the Secret’ in terms of how to know if you are successful in your visualizations…but I think there may be another way to look at it…

Is there something that you have been wanting to do but just can’t seem to do it? Is there a goal that you can never seem to reach? Maybe you want to change something about yourself but never can?


We do what we feel like.

The shortcut to radical transformation is being able to change you how you feel about something…from the inside out.

It is facing our inner demons…processing these difficult feelings, and becoming clear of them.

If you are feeling ‘stuck’ in an area of life…be it finances, relationships, health, etc –then it is time to get real about how you really feel.

Getting real doesn’t mean you are dwelling on negativity asking the universe for terrible things to manifest…the sad fact is, you are already sending that low vibe energy out into the world if it is in you!

What I am talking about is seeing what you’ve been hiding from yourself, and examining these wounded, dark places so they can heal.  It is true authenticity.  Radical honesty.

I call this process ‘weeding’ but it can also be called ‘releasing.’  You can use tools like EFT (emotional freedom technique) to do this, or you can get good results by facing the fear inside you (ie the repressed feeling) and processing it while you breathe deeply.

Releasing this emotional weight will make you incredibly attractive (vibrationally) and will give you the energy to manifest the goals and desires that were previously blocked.

Suddenly, you will feel like doing the things that before seemed impossible.

Once success feels normal and easy inside….then it IS.

It’s an inside game….and a game that you CAN win! Feeling is indeed the secret…

Here’s to feeling good and being happy my friend,


Holistic Fest Adventure


I’ve heard of this group in the Dallas Metroplex called Mystic Mandala for awhile now. They are a largely Indian-influenced Holistic Health alliance and they put on a few big events each year. In fact, I barely missed their last event (I heard about it the day before) held in the summer.

This time, Kevin Marshall (the drummer in the ‘Soul Power’ band) and I made sure to attend the Holistic Fest in Plano that was held on December 6th.

It was a great time! There were nearly 100 booths featuring everything from psychic readings to adaptagenic herbs to artisan glass blowers to even a photon infrared sauna booth.

Music was played on stage and often nubile belly dancers accompanied the mellow tunes and drumming.

It was great to see so many people living holistically and sharing it with East Texas. It was also very interesting to see the latest and greatest offerings in this space.

Here are my takeaways:

1. Way Too Many Psychic Readers – As more and more people awaken to their own intuition, I predict there will be less need for outer council in this way. Of the 100 booths, at least 25+ were only offering psychic readings.

Let me be clear, I am not saying getting an outside opinion doesn’t have it’s place….It can certainly be very valuable. However, people living holistic, balanced lives often have other needs that aren’t being met — and there in lies the opportunity… especially if you wish to work and earn a living serving people in the holistic arena.

2. Not Enough Food Support – Out of the 100 booths, there were maybe 5 that had a food-based solutions. I know from my work with Enlightened Eating, that making healthy food convenient and affordable is a monumental need…but I wasn’t able to find many answers at this festival.

One bright spot, however, was a company that sources mainly wild-crafted adaptenic herbs (think gingseng-esque) and additionally offers a breakfast shake mix. Their founder, Charles Barber, is a really, really sharp guy and I have a lot of respect for his research. You can read more about his Addison-based company here: crucialfour.com

3. Despite Great Knowledge, Still Many Overweight People – I thought it was great to be around so many awaken individuals, but despite being intuitive, so many were overweight. This is part of why I was motivated to write “Enlightened Eating” in the first place…but now I am inspired to put together a fuller Holistic Weight Loss offering that people can afford, in addition to the upcoming community gardens.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

What is going to take for you to finally succeed in healthy living? What is missing? What do you need?

If you are already thriving in this way, good for you – keep it up! If you are not, that’s OK too.

Remember that no matter what, you are already loved. You are good enough now. Accept yourself now, just as you are, no matter what that is or where you may be starting.

And if you wish to choose to experience more health, energy, and vitality….I’d love to help you accomplish that.

Overall, Holistic Fest was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next one!

The Essential Key to Happiness and Fulfillment is…


I recently read Maston Kipp’s book ‘Daily Love: Growing into Grace.’

If you’ve never heard of Maston, he is the founder of the website ‘The Daily Love’ and he found mega fame by being tabbed by Oprah as a spiritual leader for this generation.

The book talks about his journey from being a science minded, music executive to now running a spiritual website, retreats, and appearing on Oprah’s Soul Sundays.

I found the book at the perfect time, as I’ve been going through a personal renaissance of my own…

Kipp’s book and journey really articulates what I feel is my next step in personal growth:

Switching from seeking personal significance (to be great) to focusing on greatly contributing to the lives of others.

Like Maston Kipp, I believe that contribution is the essential key to happiness and fulfillment.

Even JFK once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”

As a culture, we’ve gotten so far away from contribution, that most of the time we are merely consumers….constantly engorging ourselves with information, entertainment, media, food, gadgets, and more.

I don’t think we are reminded enough about how our contribution solves not only the needs of others, but brings meaning and satisfaction to our lives.

It nurtures a valuable part of ourselves that gets neglected if we just watch Netflix and play on Facebook…or even if we work soul sucking jobs lacking passion and purpose.

I challenge you (and I am directing this to myself, as well) to constantly ask, “What can I contribute?”

“How can I improve the lives of those around me?”

How to Feel Good About Yourself and BE Happy


When I was a junior in high school, I had these two friends named Artie and Blake.  Artie was an early bloomer, and had side burns by the end of 8th grade. Blake was a heavy set football lineman who was also in band.

Both of these guys got girlfriends our junior year and I didn’t.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that they both reminded me on a daily basis and rubbed the details of their …erm… ‘intimate life’ in my face every chance they got.

By the time junior year finished, I was determined to show those knuckleheads (and myself) that they weren’t so much much cooler than me, and that I could get a girlfriend too.

That summer, every night before bed I imagined my life ‘as if’ I already had a girlfriend.  Not in a lustful, “I NEED someone kind of way,” but where I would literally close my eyes and live in that reality.  (Sort of like a virtual reality video game).  I would conjure intense feelings of happiness and gratitude.  I would feel the companionship and deep connection….and then I would fall asleep at night with a smile on my face…not in a state of ‘wanting’ or ‘lack’ but in positive expectancy.

Not long after, my Dad who was having some turbulence at his job, got hired in a town called Wortham, and our family moved there. I started my senior year at a new school, and about 6 weeks after the move, I was already dating Leslie, who, by the way,went on to win the ‘Most Beautiful’ award in the yearbook.

How do you like them apples, Artie and Blake?

I tell this story because I think it has some big takeaways:

1.  Happiness is an Inside Job – Most people say they will be happy ‘when’ or ‘if’.  “When” I get more money.  “If” I get a good partner…then I can be happy.  “When” they recognize me…then I will be successful.

It’s all inside.  Be happy first…NOW.  Be successful…now. You are more attractive when you are happy.  Get happy 1st.  Make it a priority, and renew that decision every day.

You can’t control other people, but you can control your attitude, so choose one that serves you.  Don’t be reactive…be deliberate!

2.  Live in the End – In the story, had I ‘wanted’ after Leslie, I would have likely chased her away.  Instead, I was content inside and lived in the end BEFORE the manifestation.  I got happy without reason – first.

Your aim is live as if all your wishes have been granted from an emotional stand point.

3.  We Determine Our Own Worthiness and Worth – I know this one might be hard, but stay with me here.  When we feel good about ourselves, we allow more good in.  We feel like we are worth more, by law, the Universe must respond to it.

This is why self help guru Brian Tracy says to affirm “I like myself” before doing a sales call or meeting.

How much you like and feel good about yourself determines what you’ll accept and allow in your life.  People with low self esteem tend to value their time very little and let people use or walk all over them.

Raise your self esteem and watch as you improve your station in life AND accept less BS from others.

So how do you feel good about yourself and be happy?

You make a decision.  You make it a practice…a discipline and recommit every single morning when you wake up.

I recommend doing the following on a daily basis until feeling good and being happy becomes a habit:

*Make a list of your past successes and keep them on the forefront of your mind.
*Make a list of everything you appreciate and are grateful for now and in the past in your life
*Make a list of everything and everyone you love
*You can also make a list of all your positive qualities
*Think the best feeling thought from where you are

When making the lists, savor every positive emotion.  Really allow it to resonate inside and internalize it as best as you can.  Keep these type of thoughts and emotion at the forefront of your consciousness.

If your mind starts beating you up about something in the past or dwells on the negative, get out a sheet of paper and start making one of the above lists.  Don’t let yourself get caught up in a negative cycle.

You’ll find that after a couple weeks of this, it will begin to form a habit, and you will be in happier and happier states of mind by default.

Remember, YOU are responsible for your attitude.  Don’t simply give up your power to TV ads, negative cohorts, or past programming.

Take the reigns of your mind in each moment and choose something better…thought by thought!

Life is a Mirror – You Get What You Give


Do you remember the New Radicals song “You Get What You Give” from 1998?…At a glance it seems like a simple song, but dig a little deeper and you’ve got an interesting conversation about the spiritual impact one has on the world.

When I was younger and I heard people talk about ‘getting what you give,’ I thought about it in an almost transaction-like way.

For instance, if I gave $20 bucks at church, then maybe later in the week, I would be blessed with $20 bucks in some serendipitous way.

It took me long enough, but this concept of ‘life as a mirror’ now has a different meaning…

Take a look at what you are experiencing in your life….and then take full responsibility.

Life is a mirror…so if you give out “I need more money”…then that is what you’ll get back.  Life will conspire to make you continually ‘need’ more money.

If you give out “I want a partner” or “I want to be successful” or “I want to be loved”…then what you’ll get back is a lot of ‘lacking’ feelings…and not what you actually desire.

The mirror of life is simply reflecting ‘want’ because that is what you are giving out.

If you want things to change in your life, then you must begin to give out the frequency of the wish fulfilled…and the way you do this is through ‘feeling.’

How does it feel to already have your wish granted?  In the Bible, this is communicated as “praying as if you’ve already received it” (Mark 11:24)

In our example above, how does it feel to have the partner you desire?  Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t know…when they show up THEN I’ll know”…but life is a mirror and it can only reflect what you give out.

You must radiate how it feels to have what you want before it comes to you!!

This may seem like a radical departure from how you are currently living.  You can now shifting from a place of being reactive and often times being a victim, to being responsible for your life and choosing your attitude.

Give up approaching the mirror of life in a transaction-type way. Let go trying to ‘get’ things or of manipulating the mirror of life.  You can’t cheat it.

Be joyous, because in this moment, you can embody the feeling of ‘already having’ what you desire…do it because it feels good, because its fun.

If you want more love in your life, OWN it.  Embody it.  Be the personification of love.

If you want more money, then embody prosperity.  Put out the signal of abundance into the world with a grateful heart!

You are the apple tree.  You are the pumpkin patch.

You are One with everything, you are whole, and life is responding to what you are putting out! It’s not personal!

How to Unlock Your Creativity

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is creativity. When we are kids, this part of us is supple, rich, and abundant. However, as time goes by, often natural creativity just shrinks and becomes stagnant.

I’ve experienced ‘uncreative’ phases like this in my own life. I’ve noticed an interesting trend as well – those times when I’m most engaged and creative are typically the happiest times.

It reminds me of an old, familiar Bible verse, paraphrased here: “Without vision, the people perish.”

Think about your life, friend.

Are you merely settling? Or you waking up passionate to contribute?

Earl Nightingale once said a ‘rut’ is nothing more than a grave with the ends knocked out.

Is the majority of your day doing things you ‘have to’ or are you spending your time doing what you enjoy?

I believe one of the greatest lies in the world is that we are incomplete and that we need someone or something outside of us to make us whole.

The lie that we are screwed up and need pills to be ‘normal’….the lie that we need a new car or a new lover…and then we will be enough.

The truth is, we are whole NOW. We ARE this present moment. When we drop the struggle, the ‘poor me‘ stories, and all the heavy ‘shoulds’ we are left with peace. And simultaneously, we unlock the power to create.

One of the biggest challenges in the modern world is dealing with distractions. Facebook and social media is notorious about taking us out of the present moment. It can be easy to lose hours of the day by watching other people live their lives. You are again ‘consuming’ but you are not ‘creating.’ The same can be said about pro sports, movies, and especially reality TV.

I’m guilty of this too. I definitely have my periods of time wasting time on Facebook — it happens. And lately, I’ve definitely been getting into Astros baseball games a little much.

It’s OK to enjoy the work of others in moderation. Everything has its place and time…what I aim to communicate here is that for a higher quality of life, it is necessary that we nurture the creative part of ourselves. It is not healthy to constantly be consuming information, documentaries, and media without ever thinking ourselves and creating our own content, so to speak.

It’s like breathing, if you inhale deeply, eventually you are due for an exhale.

It’s time to find a healthy ‘balance’ between consuming and creating.

Here are 3 games to help you unlock and nurture your creativity:

“What If” Game

One that I find uplifting is getting out a blank sheet of paper and writing ‘What if…’ at the top of the page. The goal is to get outside of the typical cycle of thoughts and to strengthen the imagination.

Here, I make 4 responses as examples.  Typically, you will want to generate much more and aim to fill the page.

What if…

I travel to Colombia for 3 months
I play a concert at Dallas Cowboy Stadium
I sold my chocolate recipe to Hershey’s
I build at homeless rehabilitation program around community gardening

I could do this forever. The point is getting into the possibility side of life, instead of being ‘stuck’ or in the same ol’ box of thinking. Above, I did the ‘what if’ game for life in general, but you can also use the game for specific problems.

If there is something you are worried about, use this game to generate solutions. Don’t be surprised if the first few minutes seem fruitless. Creativity is interesting in that generally the longer you do it, the easier it gets. Once you ‘get in zone’ and lose your self monitoring, that’s when the amazing ideas start coming out.

Here’s how you could do it if you were having money troubles:

What if….

I apply for gigs on Craigslist
I go through my garage, attic, and closets and have a garage sale
I ask my Uncle to do his company website
Make a cottage law business and bake from home

Once you start the ‘what if’ game, you shift from focusing on the problem to creativity generating solutions. This is a much more empowering place to be.

Past-Tense Story Telling

Another game I’ve been trying lately is from Kyle Cease, a popular comedian, turned transformational expert. He has a game where you tell the story of your goal from the place of accomplishment. He recommends starting with things that are about 1 month away, and increasing the size of your stories as you go.

So for example, if my goal is to earn $10,000 next month, then I would write a story about it in past tense.

I remember when last month I made $10,000 from my business. I don’t remember the exact moment, but I had a shift inside and realized that I was creating a struggle for myself. So I dropped the struggle and started feeling really good about myself and what I am doing in the world. I let go of trying to force everything and suddenly things started flowing. My phone began ringing and my email was full of people who wanted to work with me in leveraged ways that created solid win/wins for both of us. I began to feel more worthy and deserving, and really abundant inside. The money kept pouring in….

You don’t have to tell the story the same way every time.  For instance, you can repeat this exercise the next day and come up with a completely different solution.  Your mind can create faster and more direct ways to achieve your goals…don’t worry about the tangible ‘planning’ aspect so much, just have fun and be creative.

“I Love” Rampages

A final exercise you can use to unlock your creativity that also boosts mood is to make “I love…” statements to really get into the flow focusing on the things I love. Yes, this is inspired by Abraham Hicks’ Rampages.

For example:

“I love playing guitar solos to enthusiastic audiences. I love the art of songwriting and losing myself in performing music. I love the feeling of being on an airplane and arriving in a foreign country for the first time. I love my friends and family. I love enjoying an abundance of healthy, delicious food….”

I go on for as long as I can. This is a great mood shifter and it is also great to review from time to time to keep your vibes high. Don’t over-think it. Just go with the best feeling thought you can think of!

The moral of all of this is: balance creating with consuming.

Remember, you are already whole. You are love. Use these games to unlock your creativity and deliberating choosing high vibrating thoughts and actions.

This is your life. It is but a collection of moments. Be present, live in the moment, and make the most of each one!

Mailbag: Alise’s Success Story


Pictured above is Alise Brillaut at the Festa Major de Gracia in Barcelona,Spain —  living her dream.

I met Alise back in February during the SoCal Yoga Retreat in Big Bear, CA.  At the time, she was in a place a lot of us find ourselves…she had a dream and a grand vision for her life but felt like pieces were missing and didn’t have a lot of support.

Alise knew she wanted to travel to Spain but she also felt pressure to conform to normal life and to just ‘be like everyone else’.

From Alise:

“Hey Trent! If you remember, I was at the Big Bear yoga retreat back in February where you led us in the EFT workshop. Remember how during that workshop I revealed that I wanted to move to Barcelona instead of going back to university in the U.S.- but I was so scared that everyone would think I was crazy?

Well, in August, I moved to Barcelona. I did a TEFL (teach english as a foreign language) course and subsequently have found work quite easily. I am also taking intensive Spanish classes. I am actually needing to turn some students away because I’m so busy! I’ve met a lot of people here and I absolutely love living here.

I was petrified to come to Barcelona, but now that I’m here I can’t imagine going home. Things have been falling into place really well. In fact, I think next year I will finish my bachelor’s degree in Barcelona.

Your EFT workshop literally changed the course of my life. Of course things aren’t perfect, but I am overall really happy with the choices I’ve made. Thank you for providing me with the tool of EFT to gain the courage to follow my dreams.” 

I find Alise’s success story super inspiring and hope you do too.  Often, all that stands in the way of our achieving our heart’s desire is ourselves.

Just like Alise, we can use tools like EFT (emotional freedom technique) to shift the way we think and in so doing clear the self imposed limitations and fears to finally succeed!

Is there a dream you’ve always wanted to realize but haven’t yet? It’s never too late to make a change!

If Alise can do it, so can you!

8 Documentaries to Expand Your Mind


A while back I did a post on metaphysical movies that several of you enjoyed…Since I’ve been getting requests for more, I thought I’d do a follow up, this time with the emphasis on documentaries that have changed my thinking.

I want to preface this sharing by saying that many of these may really shake and challenge your current paradigm.

Most people like to experience things that agree with their current belief system…however, if you really want to grow, you will need to often challenge what you think you know.  It may not always be comfortable, but it pays huge dividends.

Further, by recommending these films, it doesn’t mean I stand behind the content 100%.  I do, however, think that each has nuggets of gold that can be very beneficial to the viewer.

1. Magical Egypt – This was the first series that really got me going down the rabbit hole of questioning mainstream accepted history.  It also gives great insight into the incredible spiritual understanding of the Egyptians and does a great job of explaining hieroglyphics and symbols.

One of my early ‘mentors’, artist Brad Klausen turned me on to this series…what’s incredible is that now he is slated to be an expert in the sequel currently in development!

2.  Inner Worlds/ Outer Worlds – I know, I know.  I recommended this in the last series…but as far as a clear, detailed explanation of spiritual topics that are sometimes very esoteric, this is excellent.

Plus director/creator Daniel Schmidt is a really good guy!

3.  Max Igan “Reclaiming the Earth – Steps Towards a Collective Awakening” – Max is a content creating machine and has several movies in addition to his regular radio show.  However, out of all his work I’ve experienced, I’ve found this presentation at the 2014 Open Mind Conference to be really clear and an excellent overview of what’s really happening in our world.

What I like about Max, is that even though he covers incredibly controversial and difficult topics, he is fair, heart centered, and solution oriented in his work.  He’s the best source I know to understand the Illuminati/New World Order.

4.  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – This was one of the first documentaries that really helped me see with my own eyes the healing power of foods.  It’s got all the doctors and science to satisfy even the biggest skeptic.

5.  Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days – Yet more scientific and medical proof of the healing power of food.  A great reminder why its important to question what’s possible!

6.  Propaganda – The origins of this film are in question, as some say it is from North Korea, and others say its a hoax.  In any case, much of the content is thought provoking and spot on….even if the origins of the film are somewhat dubious.

7.  Thrive – This is a fascinating documentary made by a Proctor & Gamble heir.  It covers pretty much all under-the-radar topics you can think of like free energy, ETs, and sacred geometry.

What I like is that the sources are really high quality and that many of the solutions offered are practical.  Some of this may be a little ‘out there’ but overall a thought provoking film.

8.  Waking Up –  I found this short film by Neil Kramer to be one of the most inspiring I’ve seen lately.  Much of the ‘eye opening’ documentaries can leave you feeling gloomy since it shines a light on corruption in our world.  This one, however, leaves the viewer with a sense of empowerment and awakening.

How to Become an Expert in Any Topic in One Year or Less (Speed Learning)

How to Become an Expert in Any Topic in One Year or Less (Speed Learning)


When I was attending university I worked part time for the campus computer support and networking team.  Not to date myself too much, but this was around the time computers and the internet were making huge strides in terms of speed (no more dial up!!) and performance (hello windows XP)!

I had a lot of interest in getting good with computers (as I thought hacking was cool) and I wanted to build my own machine, too.  My sophomore year of school, I bought all the parts to make my own super computer and started putting it together…only to fail miserably.

Luckily,I had this friend named Michael, who it seemed knew everything about computers.  While I was building my computer and would run into trouble, I would call him, and every time he knew the answer! It was remarkable.  Unfortunately, since I was screwing things up,I had a new question about once an hour, and after about 4 or 5 phone calls, I could tell Michael was getting tired of my incessant questions. Finally, he broke down…

“Look, Trent” he said, “Do you know why I always seem to know the answers?”  He continued: “Its simple.  I READ.  If I don’t know the answer, I ask good questions and then read.”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was a life changing moment for me.  No longer was I stuck at the mercy of the knowledge of those around me…I was free to think.  To use my mind.  To ask questions and be illuminated!

I took Michael’s approach to learning and starting running with it….

This may be a little ‘gutsy’, but I would go as far as recommending the method I’ll outline below as the # 1 best way to learn in this day and age… EASILY trumping the traditional college and university route while saving thousands in college loan debt in the process.

I believe that the internet is one of the greatest gifts of all time.  We can racially improve our lives by really learning how to utilize it.

1.  Focus – One of the flaws of traditional education is the tendency to require courses students have no interest in.  Often times, ADD or ADHD really means ‘bored and uninterested in the topic.’

Choose a main focus, and then cut out the fluff. Cut ties with biased mainstream media, and avoid information overload by not going on too many unrelated tangent.

2. Find Excellent Sources – When I was researching to write the book ‘Enlightened Eating‘, I stuck mostly to masters…IE people who have demonstrated remarkable results, in this case, in nutrition and/or healing.  I would subscribe to the email newsletters and facebook feeds of a handful of these masters and read all their books.

For example, I place a lot more value in the advice of those who have cured themselves of cancer or are over 50 and look like they are in their late 20s.  I prefer this over listening to fat doctors who just recite the status quo health dogma and don’t LIVE it themselves.

It may sound harsh, but remember, anyone can buy credentials, but only true masters live and demonstrate their subject matter.

3.  Read 30 mins + on Chosen Topic Everyday – When you first start studying a subject, a lot of the terms can be really daunting.  Stick with it.  I’ve found doing a little bit everyday can add up fast.  After about 3 months of reading everyday, depending on the topic, you will be out of the newbie category and on to the next step…

4.  Apply and Test What You Learn – Things tend to ‘stick’ when we actually apply it.  If you want to excel at speed learning, you will need to put the knowledge to the test.  As I mentioned above, I studied a handful of masters for writing Enlightened Eating.  The way I determined what advice and practices I would follow was a simple scientific test: Does what they are teaching work and does it demonstrate a higher or better result than I was getting before?  If yes, I keep it and continue to apply.  If no, the information is discarded.

5.  Learn How to Ask Good Questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Sometimes it can help us get just the right angle of understanding to take our learning to the next level.  Often, as I study a master in a particular subject, I will email them and ask questions to further my understanding.  This is good on many levels.  It can help you make a friend and gain a powerhouse resource and it helps the expert know how to communicate his or her ideas better.  Once you develop a relationship, you could become an apprentice and your learning will grow exponentially….just don’t be annoying like I was to Michael!

As you can see, literacy is crucial!!  Keep those reading and comprehension skills sharp, and as always, apply what you learn! I’ve used this speed method to learn computers, Mandarin, advanced meditation/metaphysics, cooking, nutrition, weight lifting, and more!

Let your imagination soar friend…the possibilities of what you can learn are endless! If you follow this process for about a year per topic you will quickly find yourself being the ‘Michael’ more often than not.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Why I Changed My Name


“We are learning spiritual alchemy – taking the lead of life and turning it into gold.  The secret of alchemy is to recognize that you are the gold.  It is useless to make gold (material or metaphoric) out of any substance in the outer world unless you realize that the true treasure lies within.

We are spiritual beings, born in the image of a whole and loving God.  Know this basic truth, and the the life you manifest will reflect your knowledge of your true identity.”

-Alan Cohen, excerpt from ” I Had It All the Time”


I had a conversation with a friend this past week about why I changed my name before coming back from China.  Last night, while reading before bed, I found this amazing and perfectly appropriate quote above… so this article appeared meant to be.

One of the essential lessons I learned when I overcame my illnesses in China was how life actually works.
I didn’t heal or experience any relief until I realized it is an ‘inside’ job.

Like Alan says above, the Truth is that you are already whole.  Jesus said it too: “The kingdom of Heaven is within.”

This is the ‘real’ you…And you are co-creating your experience through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

By taking radical responsibility for what shows up in life, we suddenly have the power, like an alchemist, to transmute our lives.  We can now, like Gandhi,  ‘Be the change we wish to see.”

This is an ongoing process…I certainly haven’t ‘arrived’, and now I’m all ‘gold’…not at all….but I have committed my life to the process of continual spiritual alchemy, coming from the place of Truth…that ‘I already have it’…that the true treasure lies within.

While I was in China, I also became fascinated with and began studying Sacred Geometry.  One pattern that really stuck with me was the Golden Ratio, also known as the Fibonacci sequence.  What’s incredible about the Golden Ratio, or Golden Spiral is that it exist in ALL of nature’s perfect creations.  You can see it in a shell like pictured above.  You find it in a blossoming flower….you even find it used in the designing of the great pyramids!

This correlates exquisitely with the practice of spiritual alchemy.  The Golden Ratio is a sign of harmonious creation.  The aim is to be in harmony with nature and with the universe.  In nature, when this happens, everything THRIVES.  We are no different.

Said plainly: Take responsibility for your life. Live as nature intended.  Live in harmony with universal laws.

When you do this, you will radically improve the quality of your life and THRIVE….this approach saved my life.  I believe in it so much that I changed my name as a personal commitment to living this way.

What could it do for you?