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Holistic Power LIFE Consulting 

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10 week Holistic Power Phone Consulting (or in person at Crucial Four offices in Addison) &  Time Management System – Including Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions to shatter limitations, self sabotage, and create new habits!
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Enlightened Eating Program – $ 99 value- This is essentially the ‘Bible’ of Natural Health, rich with recipes, grocery lists, and answers to all your food and healing related questions!

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A quick Google search reveals:

Avg lifetime cost of cancer treatment – $154,189
Avg cost of medication in a lifetime – $58,000
Avg cost of most basic plastic surgery – $5,000-$20,000
Enjoying a life of natural vibrant health, energy, and having the tools to live well – PRICELESS


“I wanted to personally thank you for being instrumental in my journey this year. I have undergone a metamorphosis since my first meditation with the Houston St. group. ” I was lost but now I’m found; was blind but now I see” are not just lyrics. They now have meaning to me. Your introduction to EFT and meditation put me on the path to recovery. Namaste, my friend!”

Denice Smith

“I can’t thank you enough for what all you have done…

I would love to tell anyone who is having any issues where you seem to be stuck, floundering, or feel that you just can’t over come something, to PLEASE give Trent the opportunity to help you through this time. I had some major problems come up that brought back old traumas that I thought I had dealt with and feel extremely blessed to have found Trent…to help me through this trouble. I feel much stronger and able to handle anything now with the tools that Trent has given me to deal with whatever life brings in a positive way and not let events direct my reactions…

I highly recommend everyone who wants to heal deeply within themselves to give it a try with Trent, he has an amazing energy about him and so much insight into ways that we can learn to heal ourselves and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to learn from him…

The healing is amazing and reaches far beyond the sessions and continues much longer once your energy has started releasing the negative blocks. The relaxation is better than I’ve ever experienced and my energy levels have massively improved over the last several weeks. I won’t say that it’s all fun and relaxing though, please understand that to heal deep hurts will be uncomfortable and may be painful at times, but it is worth more than you can imagine. I feel like a new me in some ways, but as Trent would say “we’ve just peeled some of the layers back to find the real me inside,” and I am BEAUTIFUL.
Trent, thank you so much.”

Patricia Watkins

“I am very thankful for your being a part of my life, Trent! You introduced me to meditation a year ago, which is now integral to the way I live. You helped to move me forward when I had situations from my past that needed recognition and dissolution. You are a treasure to our world, and I will never forget how you have impacted my life!”

Susanne Blakely


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