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“Learn How to Heal Yourself with Food and Enjoy Excellent Health From Now On

This information literally SAVED MY LIFE and I’ll Show You How You Too Can Heal Your Body From the Inside Out, Skyrocket your Energy, Quickly Melt Off 20 Pounds of Fat or More as a Side Effect, and Look and Feel Your Absolute Best from Now On!

By Trent Golden

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The author lost 23 lbs in 12 weeks on Enlightened Eating while curing chronic allergies, asthma, acne, and MORE!

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Nathan lost 98lbs in one year of Enlightened Eating!


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 In this comprehensive program, you will also learn:

*How to understand, synthesize, and master eating styles like: Vegan, Vegetarian, and Paleo to suit your needs

*Exactly how to get your kids and/or spouse on board if you are the only healthy eater in the household

*The most powerful technique to beat food addiction and break self sabotaging habits

*How to make healthy eating convenient, fun, and simple!

*How to make the best choices in social situations and when eating out

*Why you don’t need pills in order to experience excellent health

*The miracle recovery drink you can make if you ever feel yourself starting to get sick

*The fastest way to lose stubborn fat and keep it off! And more!!

How Much Is This Worth to YOU?

Learning this groundbreaking info wasn’t easy. I’ve spent a couple years traveling Asia, learning the health secrets of the Chinese.  I’ve spent several thousands dollars studying and working with some of the greatest minds in natural health today like Louise Hay, Dave Goodin, Frederic Patenaude, Markus Rothkranz, David Wolfe, Gary Craig, Brad Yates, and many many more.  I’ve spent thousands in coursework from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.   I’ve worked with clients for roughly 10 years putting this information to the test while helping people from average Joes to celebrities not only lose weight, but become much more beautiful and healthy.  I’ve put more than 10,000 hours in painstaking trial and error and in reading every study,book, and manuscript to find what truly works. You will save thousands in doctor and prescription bills and millions of hours of trying to figure this stuff out!

The Enlightened Eating eBook also includes:


                                      • My favorite recipes (including my decedent raw chocolate)



                                    • Recommended grocery list 



                                    • 10 Day Detox Plan (which has famously helped people lose 10 lbs in 10 days!!!)



                                    • Several expert green smoothie formulas  



                                    • and much more!


This info alone is well worth over $97— included FREE in the package! In addition, I’ve got my friend, mentor, and veteran health expert Frederic Patenaude to include a really valuable bonus!

Special Bonus   For the next 200 orders, you can get this special bonus Completely free!    NOBSGuideThe ‘No BS Guide to Raw Foods’ is a 107 page guide, excerpted from his popular “Sunfood Cuisine” that describes the healing properties of natural food! It is a perfect compliment to Enlightened Eating as it goes in-depth into knowledge that will help you demystify the produce section of the grocery store! This $47 value is yours FREE when you order today.    

You are the next success story!


Trent Golden  

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PS: As you can see in the testimonials, many readers are reporting losing 10 lbs in 10 days! Get it now before the price goes up!

PPS: If I can lose 23 lbs in 12 weeks and heal chronic ailments…so can you! I believe in you…YOU can succeed!