Enlightened Eating – A workshop designed to enlightened the audience on the latest in health and nutrition.  How to eat in harmony with nature to ensure the highest quality of life and health.  Additionally, EFT is used to help the participant heal what is eating him or her.

The seminar draws on my experience as a successful weight loss coach, fitness model, and tops it off with the latest discoveries in natural healing.  This is a truly powerful, life affirming event that will help you live healthier for the rest of your life!

Seminars are also available on: Law of Attraction, Advanced EFT training, and more!

Genuine Testimonials:

“The Enlightened Eating Seminar was super informative. I learned so much and I cannot wait to put these techniques to use so that I can reach my highest potential.

Trent is a fantastic teacher and broke everything down to where it was very easy to understand”

-Lisa Dowdy

“…Trent explains EFT in easy to understand terms and in a way that gets down to the core emotion for deeper healing.  I highly recommend his seminar.”

-Stacye French

“I really enjoyed the seminar.  Trent’s style of presentation is very concise and easy to understand.  Very helpful information.  I definitely recommend this seminar to other people.”


“I found EFT helpful in getting in touch with deep issues making healthy living and weight loss possible for me.  I felt a great release of fear and considerable joy afterward.  I now have less anxiety, more peace, and hope that I can change.

I value the new information attained about food additives and healthy eating.  I am excited to start improving my health.”

-Donna Shinn-Eaves